Reviews of On the Road From Appomattox

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From the first note of Beyond the Heavens until the last note of
I Know the Way To You By Heart this project goes forward at
1000 miles per hour and doesn't stop for anyone. Each and every song
has something special for the listener. I couldn't wait for the current
song to finish so I could find out what was next. I have played this project
at least 10 times and I am still in love with it!! I played the project in its
entirety and my request line was lit up continuously. As with all "great"
CDs it ended way too fast.
- KCBL / Backroads Bluegrass, Sacramento, California

Another great CD with great songs! Southern Rail rules!
- WPAQ, Mt. Airy, North Carolina

Traditional at its best!!!
- WMKZ, Monticello, Kentucky

Unmatched vocal harmonies, Brilliant instrumentals.
One of the best recordings I've heard this year!
Sharon and Jim, wish y'all would do an a capella project!
- WBZC, Pemberton, NJ

This is a great project!
- WUMT, Kings Mountain, North Carolina

It's got the true-to-the-soul sound I like in bluegrass.
- Music From Foggy Hollow, Windsor, NSW, Australia

Best unsolicited material I've gotten this year. Fantastic
songwriting, excellent interpretation, stellar instrumental work!
Outstanding harmony - your hard work is evident.
- KJZA, Phoenix, Arizona

So I stuck it into my player, and all I can only say "WOW". From
the opening harmonies on "Beyond The Heavens" to the closing notes of
"I Know My Way To You By Heart", it is fantastic. Your liner notes
said you are challenging yourselves musically and vocally, well if
that's what you tried to do, it was fantastically successful!
- WGTY, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

On the Road From Appomattox is available here on CDBaby.

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